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Interview with Monocles Cafe.
Read The Video Transcript.

May 2nd 2016 in Trending Cafe

Monocle: [00:00:15] Around the world a new generation of coffee shops is becoming more than just a place to enjoy what it's like to spend some time apart. School visits distinct neighborhoods meets the baristas who are at the forefront of this off some coffee revolution. Market Lane coffee lies on a busy street. Where the stalls brim with local fruit and vegetables as well as the Asian specialties.

Monocle: [00:00:41] Influence Melbourne's Cosmopolitan cuisine. Most of our customers are foodies there are people that really appreciate the quality.And the reason for that is we really want to take the customers very place. Market Lane's menu maybe deliberately Slim just bread and jam.

Monocle: [00:01:06] But the coffee is a culinary ingredient just like anything else on offer in the market. Beans sourced directly from the Coffee farmers in the region and roasted in stylish machinery at the back of the cafe.

Monocle: [00:01:20] We also have a team of very passionate and knowledgeable staff here and guide customers through a lot of the menu. And on Thursdays and Sundays they also server coffee's where they do a lot of tasting. With a wide range of customers ranging from chefs and civilians who are wanting to try this.

Monocle: [00:01:44] Talk squarely between the design district in downtown Miami Wynwood districts the burgeoning enclave of abandoned warehouses and galleries.

Monocle: [00:01:54] The Coffee sells freshly grown immersed in coffee.

Monocle: [00:01:58] Latin American and invites coffee lovers to learn about origin of their drink. Before came here this very much a Cuban dominated coffee scene and in reality it still is the Cuban cold coffee culture. It's a way for people to gather and to take breaks from war. A re-energizing shop coffee. It's very social. This is a coffee bar but it's also a place for people go don't hang out. Trying to make it very inviting. In a neighborhood.At this point only has a few places to hang out. The setup of the store looks like scientists lab with methods including the Hario style drip maker and also a kungroo cold brew coffee maker brewer.

Monocle: [00:02:40] With 20 years in the coffee trade. Joe's goal is to make a cup that extracts all the complexities of flavor that exist in each individual coffee. We have a really wide variety of flavors and think from. Some...

Monocle: [00:02:53] Really chocolate even mild creamy coffee is from Brazil.

Monocle: [00:02:57] A little bit more of a Sitrick almost Jasmine version of flavors. There's a very wide range of flavors in some that are with the varieties we find a lot of cinnamon and cloves along with kind of a Carmelo undertone. We do everything by hand. We go to farms. We taste the coffee. We talk to the producers and what we found is that if we work with producers that are producing excellent coffee. We have to pay attention to detail in everything we do. It's just it's a sort of organic experience and that's what coffee used to be.

Monocle: [00:03:34] Probably the only one that offers complimentary coffee and pastry to its town. Is housed in European Flagship store, Offering customers a freshly steamed cappuccino that can compete with anything else on offer.

Monocle: [00:04:05] Idea comes from our own passion for coffee. The company in Singapore is a long tradition of owning cafes. The shop was for us a place to get to know our customers and the customers to get to know the brand.

Monocle: [00:04:24] Chaucer may take bags seriously but coffee is his passion. Always looking for the most interesting beans from the world's coffee growing nations. He rotates his selection regularly and is currently serving an organic espresso from a small grower in Australia . Generally the customers who really enjoy that they get the extra service and when customers walk in and say you want to buy a bag we say Would you like to have a coffee and take your time. And that works..

Monocle: [00:05:03] Really well for us. .

Monocle: [00:05:36] So we carry local foods. We have farmers from Ireland. There's room to do whatever you want.

Monocle: [00:05:44] While the eclectic interiors will strikes the first time visitor is the neighborly atmosphere that has both local families and the single speed bike crowd returning regularly.

Monocle: [00:05:53] Nobody counts their hours.

Monocle: [00:05:56] Everybody works very very very hard.

Monocle: [00:06:21] For Monaco I'm Jonathan Openshaw and I'm Gillian Tobias.