A Tolkien Celebration!

Yet another picture of Professor Tolkien and his pipe.

J.R.R.Tolkien’s birthday this past Tuesday, one hundred and twenty years. A well respected age, even for a hobbit—just nine years older than Bilbo at the start of the Lord of the Rings. If I were older, and if I weren’t a teetotaler, and if I could venture into the likes of a Hobbiton pub, I would most heartily raise a pint in tribute. But, being younger, and being a teetotaler, and it being impossible to reach the likes of a Hobbiton pub, I can only raise a mug of coffee with my best impersonation concerning hobbits.

And this is also a big Middle-Earth year, with the first of The Hobbit movies being released at year’s end, so I felt it only suitable to do something for the occasion. I decided to order for myself, in celebration of Tolkien’s birthday, a new edition of the Lord of the Rings. (You must remember, in Hobbiton it’s custom that hobbits each receive a gift on another hobbit’s birthday). It is next week arriving, so you can be waiting—if at all you care—for an in-depth review.

In the mean time, take some time to raise a mug of coffee—if you can’t get hold of a pint from the South Farthing—and ready yourself in this rising anticipation for the coming of the great Middle-Earthian blockbuster.