How to Use Facebook

In this post I will be explaining 5 main features on Facebook (click on pictures to view larger):

1. It’s called the Status Box. This is where you post your complaints, your most recent misfortunes, your ranting on pet-peeves, and—if by chance the day is going fairly—tell the world of your peanut-butter and jelly sandwich you are eating for lunch.

2. This is called the Photo Uploader. This is where you can upload the most recent photos of you looking into your bathroom mirror…..

 ….or the the most recent picture of your feet.

3. It’s called your Family List. This is where you can put your best friend as your grandson, your cousin as your mother, and where your actual brother is…not listed at all.

4. This is called the Ticker.  This is where you can read all the things your friends say that you’re not supposed to see.

5. Finally, this is the Chat Box. This is where you can talk to your friends—with eloquent internet lingo.